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Corvette C6 Z06 and Grand Sport Oil Cooler Cover

The Unbalanced Engineering Oil Cooler Cover is designed to cure the low oil temperature problems that occur when driving your early C6 Z06 or Grand Sport in cold weather. With the very large stock oil cooler low oil temps can be a very serious problem. Our cover is very easy to install, and is adjustable so you can easily alter the amount of the cooler that is covered depending on your climate and driving habits.

The cover is made from all American materials and includes high temperature silicone rubber, high temperature Velcro, and Kevlar thread to ensure that even if your oil temps reach 300 degrees Fahrenheit your cooler will not be harmed. This cover will also not chafe through your oil cooler as a metal or hard plastic cover might, and the silicone rubber will actually insulate the oil in your cooler and keep it warm.

C6 Z06 and Grand Sport Oil Cooler Cover

Cost $70.

Corvette C6 Z06 and Grand Sport Oil Reservoir Cover

The dry sump oil reservoir can also shed a significant amount of heat. It is located just behind the right front wheel. The reservoir cover provides additional heat retention for cold climates. The cover is made from all American high temperature silicone rubber and will actually insulate the oil in your reservoir and keep it warm.

NOTE: The cover in the photo is orange to make it easy to see. The production covers are black. Also, those with 2006-2008 Z06 may need to trim the cover to fit their smaller oil reservoirs.

C6 Z06 and Grand Sport Oil Reservoir Cover

Cost $20.

Order both covers and save!

Cost $85.

LT1 Water Pump Adapter

We have machined an insert for the LT1 water pump to allow the use of a Stewart Pro Series cartridge (STE50003). They are made from 5083 Aluminum for corrosion resistance. The Steward Pro Series race water pumps will flow more than the stock unit and allow the use of a double roller timing chain.

Cost $137 for adapter, O rings, and fasteners

Oversized Tilt Steering Pins

These pins will allow you to get rid of that annoying slop in your tilt steering column. Available as a single pin or as a pair, so you just replace the easy to access drivers side pin, or both to remove even more slop. They fit the following models:

1984-1996 C4 Corvettes

1984-1992 3rd Gen Camaros

1983-2002 4rd Gen Camaros

If your steering column looks like this one, they should fit. We're still trying to identify all the GM models with the same column. Shoot us an email with any questions.

GM Tilt Column

Cost $18 for one pin

Cost $34 for two pins

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