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Two Piece Rod Ends

Two Piece Rod End

Two piece rod ends are constructed of two components, a ball and housing. These are typically intended for low load applications. Even if the housing and ball are constructed of high quality materials, chromoly for example, they will still wear quickly in high load applications such as suspension components. An example of a two piece rod end is shown to the right. Be aware that you will be replacing these components in a short period of time.

Three Piece Rod Ends

Three Piece Rod End

Three piece rod ends are constructed of three components: a ball, race, and housing. These are typically intended for higher load applications. The addition of the third component, the race, is critical for longevity of the rod end due to the preload it exerts on the ball when the ball and race are pressed into the housing. An example of an Aurora three piece rod end is shown to the right. Note the gray race between the gold housing and silver ball.

Component testing

Unbalanced Engineering conducted extensive testing of various rod ends for use with our components. We have not found one two piece rod end that provides sufficient quality and longevity. We therefore also tested many brands of three piece rod ends. In our opinion, only Aurora, and QA1 offer rod ends of highest quality. We supply out components with Aurora rod ends made in the USA.

Rod Ends as they effect price

As you might expect higher quality rod ends are more expensive and therefor impact the price at which we can offer products to the end user. We feel that our product line offers the best quality products at the most reasonable price.

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