Unbalanced Engineering

Why Is It Decoupled?

Our Torque arm is de-coupled so we could use the shortest possible beam for acceleration, thus providing maximum anti-squat and traction. The problem that arises with using a short torque arm is the increase in rear wheel hop under braking. Our torque arm solves this problem by de-coupling under braking. The rear brake torque is reacted by a sliding link. The "torque arm" that results from this arrangement is almost twice as long as the stock unit. A diagram comparing our torque arm to the stock unit is shown here for both acceleration and braking.

The Unbalanced Engineering Race De-coupled Torque Arm Looking Toward the Front of the Car (Underside)

Unbalanced Engineering TA

The Unbalanced Engineering Race De-coupled Torque Arm Inner Mount

Unbalanced Engineering TA

Unbalanced Engineering TA

Contacting Unbalanced Engineering

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